Donnerstag, 2. Januar 2014

The Flame of Avalon

"The Flame from the heart of Avalon holds the energies of the Beltane and Samhain fires that still burn in Brigit's Isles, of the need-fire that was once lit to restore the life-blood of this sacred landscape, of the Dragon energy that pulses in the earth beneath, of the star-fire of Artha and the sun-fire of Grainne, of the gentle and transforming fire of Brighid, of the passion and sovereignty of Rhiannon, of the flame that burns in the hearts of all the Goddesses of Avalon.

Any one who chooses to tend the flame has a part to play in holding Her energies. Each of us will add our own energy to it as we work with it; as we do so the Flame will change and as the Flame changes so will we." 

(Jacqui Woodward -Smith, Winter Solstice 2004)

The Flame of Avalon, January 1st 2014 

Ein absolut liebes Dankeschön an Mary Lisa Gauldin und Elle Hull daß ich ab sofort ein
 "Flame Keeper for the Flame of Avalon" 
sein darf :)