Sonntag, 31. Juli 2011

Lughnasadh Blessing

Lughnasadh by Traumreich
Blessed be this season of Lughnasadh, time of the first harvest, the blessing of the Grain Goddess and the sacrifice of the King God.

The Great Mother Goddess has blessed us with a bounty of grain and corn, yet is still pregnant with the future harvest.

The Great King God has sacrificed his body and spilled his blood so that his people may eat and live well.

Praise be to the Great Mother who has given us a great bounty.

Praise be to the Great King who has given to us his body that we may thrive.

Bless our home, our hearth, and our family that we may know only prosperity, safety, and love.

Thanks be to you, Great Lord and Lady, for the blessings we have been given that have come to fruit.

Blessed Be!